Welcome to the website of Silvio Sirias, award-winning author of the novels Bernardo and the Virgin, Meet Me Under the Ceiba, The Saint of Santa Fe, and The Season of Stories.

A late bloomer in the writing of fiction, Sirias previously wrote and edited several books on Latino and Latina literature including Julia Alvarez: A Critical Companion, Conversations with Rudolfo Anaya, and Tropical Town and Other Poems. He also has a collection of essays titled Love Made Visible: Reflections on Writing, Teaching, and Other Distractions.

Sirias was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up there until the age of eleven, when his family moved to Granada, Nicaragua, his parents' country of origin. He considers this move the most significant milestone in his life as it shaped his bicultural and bilingual outlook. He returned to Los Angeles to attend college. Eventually, he received his doctorate in Spanish from the University of Arizona and worked as a professor of Spanish and U.S. Latino and Latina literature for several years before returning to live in Nicaragua in 1999.

In 2010, Silvio was named one of the “Top Ten New Latino Authors to Watch (and Read).” The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature lists him among the handful of authors who are introducing Central American themes into the U.S. literary landscape.

He moved to Panama in 2002 where he lives with his wife and their dog, four cats, and parrot.

With The Seasons of Stories, Silvio Sirias takes the reader on a historical, yet magical journey...

Eleanor Parker Sapia, author of A Decent Woman

...engaging, tender and uplifting...

Raúl Ramos y Sánchez, author of The Skinny Years and Class H Trilogy

Sirias’s newest venture, The Season of Stories,... continues to prove his prowess for weaving fiction and nonfiction to create bright, exciting quilts of color.

Joshua Berman, author of Crocodile Love

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